The LAU Dance Club Puts On RnB at the Mist

RnB at the Mist
! Thanks to the LAU Dance Club, students, friends and nightlife lovers enjoyed a full night of RnB at Whisky Mist. The dance club organized this mind blowing event that included an exclusive performance by the rapper who has everyone talking, M-O. Not only did organizers Ranyl Kaedbey, Samer El Kadi set up the party they performed a ground breaking performance along with fellow dancers of LAU Dance Club: Mrad Mrad, Laura Sobh, Ahmad Mrad, Layan Sarkis, Lea Azar, Nadine Fakih, Firas Safa, Mariane Younes and Lyne Ghandour. Guests enjoyed a full night of dancing and drinking at one hell of a party.