LAU VS AUB Fashion Club Soiree Hosted at Whisky Mist

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly University rivalry. LAU & AUB fashionistas joined forces to put on a fabulous fashion show at the prestigious Phoenicia Hotel, inside the hotel’s hottest club Whisky Mist. The presidents of both LAU & AUB fashion clubs: Carla Hamadeh, Ranyl Kaebey and Sima Maalouf, organized a chic fashion event on Monday November 21st.

The Universities celebrated Independence day by going head to head with one another a la design. The fashion show doubled as a battle between LAU & AUB models. The evening of fashion showcased designs from numerous LAU & AUB student Designers.

Following the show the clubbing event continued with Whisky Mist dancers entertaining attendees throughout the evening.

Designers included: F Shirts Fadi Hamzeh, Tee by Tamara Bijjani, Palate by Donia, Abi Nassif, Dana Designs by Dana and Tala Khalifeh, YBC by Yasmina, Bouchedid, Hiba Saad and Sophia’s collection by Sophia Itany.

Show production would like to thank all those who assisted them throughout the night: Nabil Barbir, Fadi Hamzeh, Nadine Fakih, Sabine Hashash, Sarah Hamieh and Layan Sarkis, hosts: RSK & Randy, our graphic designer Alia Zaki and finally our MODELS of course!

This event was sponsored by Poliakov, Tony Mendelek, Rola Riachi, Beirut Night Life, The Union and Time Out.