Lakay – Caribbean Cuisine and Salsa Nights

Located at the heart of Gemmayzeh, Lakay is best known for its thunderous Salsa Latino Nights by the Jeff Hanna Dance Group.

Salsa, chacha, merengue, bachata and tango argentin are some of the many dances that tear up the floor every Thursday at Lakay. The venue is perfect for such a theme night, with the Caribbean-style cuisine and decor making the look, feel and sound a Latino one.

With dancing limited to shuffling feet and waving hands these days, it is a rarity to experience more elaborate and synchronous maneuvers with provocative moves. This is your chance to both revel in watching, and experiencing it yourself, passionate, fast-paced and fluid Salsa dancing.

So, why not pass by next Thursday? Who knows, you might just bump into the BNL team strutting their stuff on the dance-floor =D