Kristie’s and NRJ Bring Sassy Pandez to Eddé Sands

Lines to enter into Eddé Sands for world famous DJ Sassy Pandez formed early, forecasting a party full of bodies. Event was organized by Kristie’s agency presented by Lebanon’s hit music station NRJ and sponsored by Poliakov vodka. Gitanes cigarettes stopped by, their lovely ladies dressed in blue posted up at a stand providing cigarettes to guests.

Upon entering it was obvious that guest arrived early for the same reason I did. NRJ DJ Dimix initiated the evening spinning the best in hip-hop & R&B hits. There was not a head in the crowd that wasn’t bobbing up and down to the beats.
Dimix’s solid set pumped the crowd up, getting them ready for Sassy Pandez.

Eddé was lite up by green, fuchsia and blue lights while polka-dotted gobo’s scrolled and strobes flashed through the crowd. Pool came complete with dancers and flamethrowers. A few brave guests jumped into the pool, providing others with the bright idea. Soon the pool was swarming with clubbers splashing around and cooling off. VIPS had a perfect view of the festivities, partying from tables and Jacuzzi filled cabanas located upstairs.

The stunning Sassy Pandez took the DJ stage in her sexy black cocktail dress adding a woman’s touch to the turntables. She spun a perfect hip-hop set. Sassy gave Beirut a taste of the U.S’ east and west coasts incorporating jams from 2Pac and Biggie as well as hits from famous artists she has worked with including Jay Z, and Beyonce.

NRJ Mastermix’s Rudebox kept the show going well into the a.m. spinning a full set following Sassy.

An estimated 3000 people attended this event full of entertainment and giveaways. Eddé is a perfect resort to host big events like this one. Hats off to Kristie’s and NRJ for the killer night!