Koï Gemmayzeh, The Best of Both Worlds

Beirut’s nightlife and gastronomy are the two vertebrae of the Lebanese tourism backbone. Internationally renowned clubbing and pubbing, as well as the finest selection of food from all over the world have helped Beirut reclaim its past glory in the past few years, and a handful of districts and establishments are largely to thank for that.

Gemmayzeh is undoubtedly at the forefront of these districts, with dozens of venues to suit every taste and style. Koï is located on Gemmayzeh’s main street, with street-wide windows taking in the familiar scene of cars stuck in traffic jams and clubbers barhopping the night away, while keeping the music and atmosphere inside the elegant interior of the sushi restaurant/bar that is Koï.

Named after the famous Japanese fish, which is fabled to transform into a dragon if it makes its journey upstream of the Yellow River, through the Dragon Gates. This colorful type of fish has became the symbol of perseverance and transformation despite adversity, perfectly capturing the Lebanese attitude of indomitable joie-de-vivre.

The scrumptious Japanese fusion cuisine is catered by Oceanus, that, combined with the sophisticated decor  and mellow vibes, makes Koï a venue to spend the night at. Whilst most nearby establishments are barhop destinations, Koï is a premiere dining venue and the perfect spot for a smooth cocktail afterwards.

Beirutnightlife.com was there on Saturday night. The venue was packed and a superb mix of easy-listening House music kept everyone smiling and dancing well after dinner time.