Kiss Me I’m Irish at Maison Blanche

We celebrate way too many occasions in Lebanon, but for some reason, Beirut hasn’t been celebrating one of the funnest feast days: St Patrick’s Day. Until now at least, after the resounding success of “Kiss Me I’m Irish” at Maison Blanche.

The patron saint of the Irish has his feast day celebrated with a lot of beer, and a lot of green. Maison Blanche was drenched in green and everyone there had beers in hand.

Razza&Jix flew in straight from Paris to showcase their mixing skills with a delectable selection of House tracks. Later that night, Criss made sure the House journey continued well into the early hours of the morning. Interrupting the House sets though, was none other than local RnB legend, Dimix, with his unmistakable mashups of Rap and HipHop.

Clubbers at Maison Blanche last Saturday were the select few who kicked off what will hopefully be an annual celebration of St Patrick’s Day in Beirut!