Kev Orkian a Laugh Out Loud Riot

Anyone who was lucky enough to catch Kev Orkian’s show left the Grand Hills Village Hotel in Broumana happy. Over 1,000 attendants enjoyed Kev’s show, which was brought to Lebanon by Moonlite Entertainment. The British-Armenian musician, actor and comedian has performed all around the world being compared to the likes of Victor Borge and Dudley Moore. To lightly put it, the people of Lebanon laughed their a**es off during his show. found out that for Kev, our Lebanese audience is very smart and cultured and have no problem at all understanding his jokes and more so his underlying subliminal messages…after all, we Lebanese are professionals when it comes to jokes and sarcasm. Lebanon is now another home for Kev Orkian, so make sure to catch his show when he comes back into town…until then enjoy’s photos from the show.