Karaoke with a Twist: The USEK Helium Karaoke Night 2011

A hilarious evening of karaoke with a twist went down at the USEK Main Campus on Friday October 28th. Organizer Michel Kharrat (Michow & His Crew) in collaboration with the Student Affairs Office USEK welcomed about 800 people to enjoy a new style of karaoke performances. This comically amusing karaoke style included helium from balloons, which altered the performers voices adding a twist to the music. Guests were entertained to say the least by each brave singer who risked possible embarrassment while singing…all in lighthearted good fun of course!

The entertainment didn’t stop at the hysterical karaoke singers. The USEK Helium Karaoke Night 2011 program also included guest and one-man show performer Ramy Hussein who sang hit songs including everyone favorites “Dag Almani/ Ti Rashrash” and more. A full new style debke show broke out featuring the Tarbouch Dabke Tekno Team, a team who really updated the debke dance by incorporating todays dance flavor with the traditional debke style. Spirits were high with guests laughing, singing and dancing throughout the evening. Top MTV DJs Oleg and Tony C were present supplying beats to move to. The organizers, participants, sponsors and everyone involved really made this night one to remember.

BNL would also like to say Happy Birthday to organizer Michel Kharrat!