J&B Start a Party at Flo

J&B decided to start parties on the streets of Beirut this week, kicking it off in the Hamra region last night.

Four gorgeous ladies and the Mirrorball Man made their way down to Flow in Hamra at around 9:00 PM. The J&B crew offered everyone at Flow a J&B Rare-Cola mix cocktail, as the Mirrorball Man went in to meet and greet the happy pub-goers.

Each J&B-Cola drinker got a “I’m a Party Starter” special sticker to identify him or her as a true J&B party starter. MBM then took photos with pub-goers and passerby making sure everyone got a taste of the “party mix” cocktail and the night’s sticker. Of course, in line with J&B’s responsible drinking policy, every person who got a J&B-Cola drink also got a specially labeled water bottle to water-down the effects of alcohol and encourage pubbers not to have one to many drinks.

The J&B girls and MBM then walked through the streets of Gemmayzeh for their second stop of the night: Cristobal Colon. Dozens of passerby got to take pictures and free J&B water bottles from the J&B crew, and Colon’s customers all got to taste the special J&B-Cola party cocktail mix, get the “I’m a Party Starter” sticker and of course the J&B water bottle.

J&B’s team will be touring select places in Gemmayzeh on Friday and Monot on Saturday, so if you missed it, make sure you get to meet Mirrorball Man and the J&B girls! Go here for further details