Professional DJ’s Around Town Talk About Nightlife Seasons

Here in Lebanon seasons change but our attitudes remain the same. While it’s true that summer reigns above the rest, in regards to events and nightlife, that isn’t to say that the winter season won’t be an absolute blast. Before we welcome the holiday themed events, parties and get together let’s reflect. I asked nightlife industry professionals to assess summer 2011 as well as give us some insight on how to spend the coming season.


 Dimitri Khater aka DIMIX: NRJ Lebanon DJ (Mastermix)

Reflects and recaps last season, “Summer 2011 was a great summer for us but a bad one for our  stomachs! Vodka everyday because parties didn’t stop, not even on weekdays! I was around almost everywhere this summer  and I honestly couldn’t forget (or remember) all the good-  times. Wednesdays at White, Skybar on Thursdays, Pier 7  on Saturdays, and all the above-mentioned  on Friday [laughs]. Flight32 was also a cool place to visit event  though it’s indoor and quite  crowded during summer  season. The best part of summer was when winter got  jealous and  wanted to join us! I won’t forget the rain that  poured down on the crowd at White. The party  never  stopped it just got wilder, thanks to us of course! Everyone  was so excited as the rain rarely visits us during the summer season.



 Ziad Ghosn: Resident DJ at B018

When asked about how Lebanon’s inhabitants can spend the winter season he  supplied these wonderful ideas. “For a cool winter night, I’d go to the Osteria in Mar Mikhael, to drink red wine and enjoy the its artistic and rustic mood. Grab dinner at  DRM in Hamra and enjoy Live bands. Of course I don’t need to mention B018 on the eeek ends for hard partying :)! Monday can be designated for movie  night. And you definitely need rent a bungalow in the Cedars for the weekend of hit the slopes.”



Roy Malakian: Radio One DJ

Roy sums it all up for us, “I can confidently state that Lebanon this past summer  staked its position as one of  the most electrifying playgrounds in the world. Whether it be the evening prelude with drinks at the Four Seasons rooftop with its panoramic views stretching over the Mediterranean or dining at the mouth watering – architectural masterpiece “centrale”. Summer would not be summer without music’s deep pulsating heat…An  array of concerts and events capturing the essence  for the young and young at heart, encapsulating the Lebanese joie de vivre par excellence. “White” was a stark evolution combining sleek and sexy design with the whimsical world of music. “Pier7” NoBu infused cuisine was a must. And last but not least Thursday nights belonged to “Beiruf”, a stimulating visual and acoustic haven, that did set the trends for all party loving goers.”

What is primal for coming seasons in 2012: “Keep climbing…avoid the trickle down effect… keep the mood!”- Roy Malakian


 Patrick Chouchani aka TRIX: DJ for Crystal Group

TRIX shares his favorite summer nightlife hotspot and gives us tips on other places to check out, “My favorite spot is where I spent most of the summer, Pier 7 is a one of  a kind venue especially with all the shows and big name events they introduced since the beginning of the summer. I say that it’s one of my favorite spots in town this summer not because I worked there but because every night is different then the other.”

He adds this regarding the winter season, “Concerning winter, I advise Lebanese clubbers to go to Palais by Crystal and I can guarantee that they will experience amazing sounds with a new set up”

“The competition of bars and restaurants in Lebanon is unbelievable and to point out which place is better then the other you should enter them before judging. My point of view is, if you are in the mood for a cozy dinner with fresh cocktails and uplifting music, I advise everybody check out “The Roof” top of the Four Seasons Hotel, Alcazar and Kashmeer. You will understand my choice once you enter these unforgettable places.”


As for myself: BNL Editor in Chief and nightlife enthusiast, it was my first summer ever in Lebanon. I can’t event begin to count how many superb spots I visited. The  venues I found my self frequenting were Pier 7 for the performances that made me feel as if I was at home in LA, B018 for their amazing resident DJ’s, White which was always packed and full of beautiful people, The Roof high up top of the Four Seasons a gorgeous and classy spot, and The Cyan Beach Resort where I caught most of my rays.

As for winter in Lebanon I am excited to spend brisk nights at Palais and Whisky Mist. To wind down I will take the advise given to me by faithful friends and chill at the Gemmayze district as well as the new Uruguay Street Downtown. Here’s to my first holiday season in Beirut!


BNLer’s where are you going to spend the winter season?? Let us know in a comment below!