I LOVE POP’s Final Installment at THE BASEMENT

I LOVE POP with DJ BESTOV became a recurring favorite at the now-deceased Beirut Basement. The set of oldies, classica and eighties from the disco and pop era attracted dozens of loyal fans who flocked to witness Jade’s alternate ego: DJ Bestov.

The stark contrast between Jade’s music and Bestov’s is testament of the man’s extensive knowledge and passion for music, and a result of his diversified career with sounds. Sporting the trademark mustache, glasses and ushanka, I LOVE POP’s last installment rocked the Basement well into the early hours of the morning, with everyone well aware that this was THE last chance to enjoy this night to the fullest.

Bestov was accompanied by DJ Panic, creating a superb, well-tested and much-loved set of music you wouldn’t expect to come from the Basement if you weren’t familiar with the legendary venue.

The waiters, the bartenders, the bouncers and all the Basement staff were in an exceptionally laidback mood, dancing and singing with the clubbers who have grown fond of them over the years.

The Basement will be sorely missed, make sure you check out next week’s Weekly Leaks dedicated to this club that has helped shape Lebanese arts and nightife.