The Hurly Burly Event at B018 Featuring Fady Ferraye

It was a crowded night at usual over at B018 Karantina, but this night was especially packed. Once Electronic music fans heard that their Progressive House master was coming back into town, they jumped at the chance to reserve a spot for the full night of music at B018. The

Hurly Burly Event featuring Fady Ferraye was indeed a special one. Fady took over the decks for the entire evening playing hours and hours of the Electronic music we know and love.

Guests raised their glasses to Fady throughout the evening and he graciously appreciated his fans by returning the toasts. Fans also headed towards the DJ booth to dance and greet the famous DJ. They expressed their love for his music as well as voiced how eager they are every time he comes back to Lebanon. The party lasted well into the a.m., as expected from B018. Check out the photos below for a recap of the Hurly Burly evening.