Hip Hop Guru NRJ’s DJ Base Raps with BeirutNightLife.com

I consider Base to be a young hip-hop guru. Success for Base came in steps, starting at an early age producing on the guitar and piano then working his way through hip hop beats and urban sounds. Base is now considered to be Lebanon’s youngest and fastest rising, renowned hip-hop and R&B DJ. Being the supplier of bass bumpin’ or “Base” bumpin’ hip hop beats the young DJ found himself residing at the world famous Skybar Beirut as well as hip hop hangouts Brut, Chocolate, Basement and more. This young DJ has spun along side top class international artists such as Akon, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, and Shaggy just to name a few. He now is part of the NRJ Mastermix crew as well as supplies jams through his personal show, The Base Sessions, on NRJ International. I caught up with Base for some information from the guy standing at the forefront of Beirut’s hip-hop scene.

How did Base get his start DJ-ing and where do you currently spin?
I’ve been into music all my life, playing listening and studying flows, beats and lyrics. Mixing and DJing was simply a way to showcase what I have in the back of my head and broadcasting to everyone. I started like any other DJ, mixing at parties as a kid and working my way through more advanced machinery and bigger and older crowds. I am currently a resident on NRJ 99.1FM (since Nov. 2008), at Skybar Beirut (since June 2009) and at Chocolate Club (since 2010).

What is the most difficult thing about being a DJ?
It is to know what the F*** is going on around you and how to read the crowd and please every single listener all while making it look easy 😉

Lebanon is known for party lifestyle. Do you find it easier to DJ in this country because people are always ready to have a good time?
It is a big market and it is always easier to DJ in your country because you understand the people and you know what they want. It is hard because people are always partying and are up to date and get bored easily. You got be up to the standards and always on that new sh**.

Do you have a favorite show or event you have DJ-ed?
From Akon’s first concert and my first appearance on stage, to the NRJ Music Tour my biggest concert and crowd to date, to Skybar’s open-air sophistication, to Chocolate’s underground frenzy…it is hard to pick a favorite event, each has its own character and demands a different attitude.

Do you have any influences when it comes to your work?
As a DJ I do not have big DJ influences, I am more influenced by styles of music and by the music production. From Pharrell to Timbaland, to Kanye West, this is an endless conversation for me.

What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ?
Pile up that experience, nothing comes easy even if it looks easy. It is an endless struggle to keep on marketing yourself while stepping your game up and technically mastering your work. 

Do you have any last words or messages for the people of Lebanon?
Keep up the positive energy, stay up to date and always ask for the best. This is what gives Lebanon such a big respected party scene despite its small size and its political unrest.

Also, Don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive and specially don’t drink and text!
The Grind: This is a short answer questionnaire. When Base was given a word he was to answer with the first thing to pop in his head.
Lebanon: Melting Pot
Party: Memories
Drink: Social Enhancer
BeirutNightLife: Everywhere
Life: All of the above 

Base’s top music artists that ruled 2011: Drake! (Multi talented), David Guetta (such a business man), Tinie Tempah (BIG talent, super cool guy), Rihanna (hit machine, all day everyday), Chris Brown, Tpain, Pitbull, Wiz Khalifa…
Base’s top club in Lebanon: SkyBar (Always on Top) 

Nod your head to the hip-hop beats of Base! Check him out on www.Facebook.com/TheBaseSessions http://www.nrjlebanon.com/Mastermix and http://www.DjBaseMusic.com