Hernan Cattaneo at B018 or Cosmic Gate at Palais Maillot…Which Are You Going to Choose?

The vast world of Electronic music can often be a bit confusing. Sometimes fans of the genre, or sub genres, take it very personal when others don’t seem to grasp or understand the differences in music composition, even if those differences are scarcely noticeable. Electronic music is one of those genres that encompass many sub genres which all have their own musical identity. Under Electronic music you will find two styles that (in my opinion) are extremely similar, yet true fans will tell you they are completely different, House and Trance music. Trance, a dance music genre that branched off from House music in the late 80’s early 90’s, shares the basic beat infrastructure as House, but House’s live music influenced feel with black or Latin music inspirations is in favor of more synthetic sounds sources and approach.

The Facts:
-Both House and Trance share the same time signature.
-Trance very frequently has a 1-2 1-2 repetitive beat.
-Trance is characterized by a tempo of between 125 and 150 beats per minute. (With repeated beats)
-Early house music was generally dance-based music characterized by repetitive 4/4 beats and rhythms centered on drum machines, offbeat hi-hat cymbals and synthesized bass lines.
-House doesn’t use gated synths.

 To overly simplify the two I offer you this:

House: Bump bump bump-Di-Dump Bump bump…

Trance: Bump Bump Bump Bump…

Trance certainly got more of an, I’m flying thru the cosmos on a beam of light feel. While House has more influences such as funk, gospel, blues, salsa etc. It sounds less synthetic and more like real people using real instruments are performing.

A Trance fan once said, “You dance to house, and trance to trance

Ugh what?? I guess a Rock, Soul, Pop and Hip-Hop and Metal fan such as myself wouldn’t really understand that, but Electronic music fans may very well have connected with the saying.

So now that I have started the conversation about the genres, let me ask you this. There are two amazing events coming to Lebanon on February the 8th, both under the electronic genre. Problem is they are on the same night!!! In case you can’t make it to both which are you going to choose? Are House fans going to attend one and Trance fans attend the other? I am leaning towards one event myself, but I would love to get your opinions before I make my reservation.

Hernan Cattaneo at B018. Hernan Cattaneo, known as a master of Progressive House, will be pumping up Lebanon at our favorite afterhours venue B018. B018, known for always having killer DJ sets and music to move to, will undoubtedly go off during Hernan Cattaneo’s set.

On the other hand there is Cosmic Gate, the German Trance duo will be setting the new and hip club Palais Maillot on fire! Cosmic Gate is well known and loved in the Trance world, not to mention have raked high up on DJ Mag’s Top 100 chart more then once. Both are talented performers to say the least so how does one choose?

I asked a couple friends of mine, who had this to say,

Hands down Hernan Cattaneo, why, because 1. I prefer House more then Trance 2. I believe Hernan Cattaneo is more talented then Cosmic Gate, I think even some Trance fans would agree and will be at B018 for Hernan.”- Imad Dagher

Cosmic Gate for sure! I want to dance I want to have a blast and it will be a great show especially because I am still pumped from Above and Beyond!”-Nour Khoury

So BNLer’s what’s it going to be? Hernan Cattaneo at B018 or Cosmic Gate at Palais Maillot. Both great artists and both awesome clubbing hotspots…. Let us know in a comment below!