Happy 10-year Anniversary Palais!

Forget 12-12-12! It was all about the 15-12-12. What’s so special about the date? Why it was Palais by Crystal’s birth day of course! The hottest club in the country showed off about the decade of experience under its belt—as they rightly should— with a lavish birthday party for it loyal clubgoers. And like any great birthday bash, this one was full of delightful and plentiful alcoholic beverages, and fabulous music courtesy of Andreas Moe, the man with the sensational voice behind Avicii’s “Fade To Darkness”, who gave a live performance for the excited crowd.

Palais by Crystal truly celebrated their “silver” anniversary in style, not that anyone would expect anything less. The gorgeous people came ready to have a good time and the party was no disappointment, further cementing Crystal Group as the reigning kings of clubbing.  In a country where pubs and clubs mushroom up and then close down before you can count to ten, longevity is a serious indicator of greatness. Now imagine what 10 years of experience means.

Many happy returns, and “3a2bel el miyyeh!”