Hamra: A Booming Night Life Hub in Beirut

The Hamra district, a popular Lebanese landmark, has evolved in the past couple of years to become the new booming nightlife location in Beirut. Although several areas in Lebanon are considered competitors to the renowned street, Hamra has placed itself as the new nightlife street for all groups of visitors with a long line of pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, and night clubs.

As it did in its golden years, Hamra preserves its image as an ideal spot to duck into a shady café or sit out on a restaurant’s veranda, watching the unceasing parade of Beirut’s latest fashions flow around you. Hamra nowadays hosts amazing lounges, and the passer-by can find any genre to suit their tastes. It is the perfect spot for college students to relax and put away their homework for a few hours as well as a romantic cozy area for couples.

Hamra is also considered the perfect place for bar hopping,  you can not spend the night without grabbing a beer in the alley and another drink on the main road, before you head to another pub at the end of the road and get another beer.

Community feel, diversity in types of people, safe place to hang out, and always busy day and night.. This is Hamra, the new nightlife hub in Beirut..