Great Night of Diverse Entertainment for a Good Cause at Pier7

Pier 7 is one of this summer’s most talked about exclusive club. The venue recently hosted of one of the season’s most sensual and mind blowing event, “The Show Goes On.”

The charity event was created to help Mission de Vie, an association that takes care of the homeless from children and elderly. They currently house 20 children, as well as 19 teenagers and 30 senior citizen at the center. They depend on sponsors and the generosity of donors to keep their center running.

“The Show Goes On” is a concept which combined all forms of entertainment in one night – meeting everyone’s likes. The evening included pop, hip-hop, disco or techno attractions and much more. The attractions, which were of high standards, where made to please everyone’s senses.

Special appearances by a talented pianist, singers, dancers, entertainers, MCs, musical fountains, a saxophonist, fashion shows, raffle, VJs, fire breathers and much more. To top it all off, a special performance by some of Cirque du Soleil’s best acrobats and aerialists and dancers created astonishment.

Dj Mish.Z  (Flo’ Resident) kick started the night with some of the best lounge and chill out tunes from around the world, then Dj Aphy (PC Resident) warmed up the crowd with the best commercial remixes on the market, followed by DIMIX (NRJ Mastermix) gave the the crowd a sensational mix of RnB and Hip-Hop tracks. While Trix (Pier 7 Resident) wrapped it up with some of the newest flavors in techno and trance music.

A lot of designers, models, dancers took part on this event, where by all proceeds were donated to Mission de Vie.


Can Can
Noeud papillon
Design by K
Black Orchid
2 Pieces
Dolce Note
Henry Cotton
Alex Hamm
Little Black Dress

Bruna Dagher
Saria Tourbah
Lyne Ghandour
Lyne Daccache
Cynthia Khoury

Latoya S
Roya Semaan


Pascale Nachef
Abir Layous
Chrystelle Aoun
Julia Sharchakova
Alessandia Monatana
Shahi Helou
Yara Sawan
Christina Karam
Jennifer Tawil
Lea Gharios
Layan Sarkis
Dalia Khalife
Tatiyana Hawat
Nour Azar
Carla Aouad
Luciana Younis

Aboudy El Farkh
Christ-emilio Tawil
Charbel Najm
Jean-Marc Khoury
Alain Cors
Jad Baba
Bilal Tabbara
Ali Jaafar
Khalil Sarraf
Maher Tannous
Charif Mahfouz
Alexandre El Chater