Glamourous Batroun Open Air Festival 2012


It is time to block the roads in Batroun!! With the Batroun Open Air Festival 2012. For one night only, the pubs and clubs in Batroun close the streets, and the main boulevard in Batroun becomes a pedestrian area with a series of bars and stages lining the entire road. Each bar and club opened its doors and set up tables and bars outside them. For those who prefer a more secluded spot, the in-club option is available, and for those who would like to join the crowds, tables and stools are offered on the asphalt.

Crowds from all over Lebanon along with tourists enjoyed a lovely evening in the streets of the beautiful city of Batroun enjoying live perfomances from dancers, fireworks, and dancing on the beatts of a DJ Booth hanging in the sky of Batroun from a crane.

The event encompassed everyone, not one club or venue was left out, even if it was not exactly on the stretch of road that was designated for the open-air extravaganza. Grocery stores, boutiques and even gas stations joined in the fun, and set up their own tables and chairs to welcome the thousands of visitors from all over Lebanon and the world.