Ghost Bar Beirut official Circuit Festival Pre Party

Saturday June 18th Beirut was given a taste of one of Europe’s biggest festivals. Circuit Festival (produced by Matinee Group) official pre party hosted at Ghost Bar. The Circuit party is the first and biggest of its genre in the Middle East. The event presented by the lovely Vivan Shallop was a great success!

VIP tables were fully reserved with club goers who enjoyed a stocked bar outfitted with mass amounts of Stoli Vodka who were sponsoring the event. DJ’s NACHO CHAPDO (Barcelona), PABLO (Moon Republic) and Jay K (Beirut) kept the crowd moving non-stop and supplied perfect jams for onstage dominatrix style go-go dancers.  The guests really enjoyed the extremely easygoing environment.  One partygoer named Sama said that, “It is really nice to have cool places like this to go to in Lebanon.” The Circuit Festival is scheduled to run August 4th-14th and is guaranteed to be a blast.