Generis’ Live Art Fundraising Gala Dinner at Skybar

The fabulous sell-out Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner organized by Generis, took place Monday July 23rd  at SkyBar in Beirut.  The main feature of the event was KARLS, ( ) a world-renowned visual artist, in a live-painting spectacle accompanied by appropriate tunes. Generis intended to conceive, manage and make available to Lebanese audiences a pilot-project on Interculturality,  where each spectator found a part of himself interacting with the event, the performance, the atmosphere as well as with the internationally recognized painter.

During the Generis Gala dinner at Skybar, French artist KARLS painted to music, live on stage,  on a 4m x 2m canvas on Interculturality.  The dinner helped raise awareness on Interculturality, strengthen inter-cultural exchange and advocate for a culture of dialogue and tolerance.  The painting was auctioned for an amazing USD 5,OOO.oo !

It was a wonderful evening at Skybar full of live music entertainment, live art, delicious food and more…and all for a great cause!