Gemmayzeh is Smiling for Alcazar’s New Happy Hour

Pub-crawlers get happy because Alcazar, the hip spot on the famous Gemmayzeh stairs, just launched their new Happy Hour! Now from 6p.m. to 9p.m. daily Alcazar serves drinks and tapas for prices that will surely make you happy! BNL joined Alcazar for their first Happy Hour, I walked in to find pub lovers enjoying music played by DJ Panos. Each night Alcazar rotates DJ’s so which is great in regards to music diversity.

DJ Panos was supplying the lower level with Post Punk style Dance music, the beats were very upbeat and great for the vibe at Alcazar. I was surprised and very excited to hear a DJ playing music by the Faint. Music such as that turned Alcazar into a dance party.

After Happy Hour was over Zed took over the DJ booth and played a great set of Lounge Funk, classic Pop then moved over to mash up Hip-Hop with Classic Rock. The BNL team had a great time at Alcazar for the new Happy Hour, if you yearn for a place with a chill yet upbeat and wild vibe, head over to Alcazar…Cheers Beirut!