Gemmayzeh Report: New Freddy’s Branch, Juniper Christmas Shopping and Gemmayzeh’s Hamra

Lebanon’s beloved nightlife street is here to stay, and the past few years have cemented it on the global nightlife scene. But Gemmayzeh is constantly evolving and expanding, shifting gears and pleasing different tastes. BNL will bring you bits and pieces of what catches our eye when we’re there, what you might want to check out and what’s changed.

To all you hotdog lovers, you’re going to be elated that Freddy’s Hotdog, the stand that has been feeding us the hotdogs with the softest buns and creamiest cheddar cheese, is opening a branch in Gemmayzeh’s main street!

The Original Freddy's

The new branch on Gemmayzeh Gouraud Street

New healthier veggy option on te menu!

Passing by Juniper on the way to Mar Mikhail, to check out the new restaurant-pub called Hamra, the guys at Juniper reminded me I still had a few gifts to buy for Christmas with this!

Juniper's Door

And Hamra’s a place I’ll definitely be going back to really soon

Hamra's Bar in Gemmayzeh

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