Fat Joe Pumps Up Pier 7 By Performing Live

After a long night I was happy to have made it to one of my favorite clubs in Lebanon. The dark, sexy underwater themed Pier 7. I feel a good time is ahead once I walk through the retro style illuminated orange and yellow pathway into the club.

Esper paoli warmed up the night until the clock struck midnight. DJ Joey then took over spinning for the rest of the evening.

I made it in time to enjoy Fat Joe, also know as “da fat gangsta”, perform his smash hits accompanied by two of his fellow rappers and hype men. Pier 7 dancers also performed routines before Fat Joe hit the stage. This got the audiences attention 100% ready for the nights headlining entertainment.

On of my favorite characteristics of this new killer nightclub is the coliseum style set up. Everyone in the club has a perfect 360 view of what is going on around them. This gives partygoers a sense of companionship among other guests (and truth be told it is perfect for checking out who’s in the crowd).

BNLers what do you think?!