Fat Joe had Everyone “Lean Back” at Pier 7

We have seen Fat Joe in Beirut before but it seems as though he can’t get enough of us and we can’t get enough of him! Pier 7 welcomed to their stage, American Rapper and CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment, Fat Joe for the second time around. Last year, he pumped up the audience at Pier 7 and this year was no different. Fat Joe had everyone in the house “leaning back” to his biggest hits.

The American rapper seemed to be ready to rock the stage. For one because he was celebrating his birthday! And the second must have been that he was excited to introduce his newest single “Pride N Joy” to all the fans in Lebanon! He brought his crew along, to back him up vocally and to pump up the crowd…as if they weren’t pumped up enough! Everyone at Pier 7 was up dancing, many even rushed the stage to get up close and personal with the rap star, Fat Joe.