Fashion House Thursday with Peach and Powder at Whisky Mist

The stylish Fashion House Thursday’s continue over at Whisky Mist. On a weekly basis, fashion forward night lifers head over to Whisky Mist at the Phoenicia Hotel to enjoy chic fashion shows, perfectly mixed cocktails and music to move to. For the frist Fashion House Thursday in December Whisky Mist welcomed a new brand on the market.

Peach and Powder is a new brand of fashionable designs for trendy women that like to be unique and special. Adorable dresses, sexy jumpers, and stylish ready to wear outfits, were displayed by beautiful models on the Whisky Mist catwalk. After the chic show, the club started up with bumpin’ House music and the sound of poppin’ bottles. The Whisky Mist dancers came out to move with and entertain guests. Another successful Fashion House Thursday down, plenty more stylish shows to go!