Fashion House Thursday with the Pavoni 2012 Collection at Whisky Mist

Fashion took over another Thursday at Whisky Mist. This past Thursday Whisky Mist welcomed again fashion designer Pavoni, for the second edition of Pavoni’s Spring/Summer Collection 2012. Two glamorous fashion shows were put on full of flowing gowns, sexy cocktail dresses, lovely lace and more. The first show began at 9:30pm for media/press, and the second at 11:30pm for all Whisky Mist guests. The evening began with the always-lovely L.I.P.S models strutting their stuff draped in luxurious Pavoni creations. Guests enjoyed a lovely fashion show followed by Fashion House Thursday at Whisky Mist, the night where fashion meets music at the mist. Commerical house music supplied by Mist resident DJ had the place on fire. Gorgeous guests of Whisky Mist had a blast clubbing after the breathtaking show put on by Pavoni.