Have a Fantastic Night Out Without Breaking Your Bank

Although I put these phrases together in the title, the words “penny pinching” and “fantastic night out” might not get along great, but that’s ok, because they don’t have to! Being stuck in a middle of a recession is no excuse for avoiding a night out on the town. While it’s true that everything has its price, especially a good time, I offer you this article. It isn’t about penny pinching but more so about taking advantage of what the nightlife and entertainment businesses, such as restaurants, nightclubs and pubs, are offering to keep you interested and coming.

Businesses from clubs to wine bars are clamoring to get you through their doors, by way of offering goodies, two-for-one deals and more. This makes now the best time to take advantage such money saving opportunities. If you’re are like me, always looking for ways to have a great night out, without getting slapped with a financial hangover the next morning, keep reading…
The Holy Happy Hour:
In the world of nightlife entertainment, two words were put together to make our lives easier, “Happy Hour”. At the approximate hour of 6 p.m. almost all bars and restaurants around town offer Happy Hour (huge discounts), on selected foods and drinks. Happy hour usually lasts till 9 p.m., which is more than enough time to score the best dinner and drinks, for a great price..






The Loyal Customer:
We all have our favorite spots to frequent at night, so becoming a regular definitely has its perks; a softer touch on your bill at the end of the night is one of them. Becoming friends with the bar managers and bartenders is the perfect way to score free drinks and some tasty appetizers. (Side Note): Do make sure to leave a healthy tip left behind. This will definitely show your appreciation as well leave a positive impression, and you just might be rewarded on your next visit. And don’t to forget to always greet the bouncers with smile and friendly hello; they do man the door after all.


Sharing is Caring:
I hope when you were a child, your mother taught you how to share because in a recession this moral value comes in handy. Don’t tackle a night out alone. A bad idea would be to drive your car along to a club, reserve alone, buy single drinks after single drink, and then leave the club tipping the valet on the way out. A great idea would be grab a group of friends and reserve together, split the cost, carpool or even better share a taxi to the club, order bottles to share, party the night away and split a taxi one the way home…viva group love.

Pre-Game Champion:

Enjoying drinks at home or as we like to call it “pre-gaming”, isn’t a bad idea at all, it definitely goes hand in hand with your penny-pinching situation. Learn to make your favorite drinks at home, enjoy a few and then proceed to the hot spot to continue the evening of fun. It’s a great way to enjoy the night without having no cash for the taxi ride home.

So there you have it, some tips to help you have fun for less. If you have a great way to save money, share it with fellow BNLer’s in a comment below!