Fady Ferraye’s B018 Homecoming

Fady Ferraye is a pillar of Electronic music in both Lebanon and the world. With over 30 singles, 30 remixes, 10 compilations and 2 albums released, the only thing more impressive is Fady’s residencies over the years, and his long-awaited comeback to Beirut’s fabled B 018!

On December 6th, Ziad Ghosn warped the subterranean club with the retractable roof into fertile ground for the goosebump-inducing music that was to come.

At 2:00AM, the man of the night ascended to the DJ booth and just as soon as the first track kicked off, clubbers began cheering, clapping and shouting Fady’s name in pure delight.

The clubbers though weren’t the only mesmerized individuals at B 018. The staff, bartenders, waiters, photographers and Fady’s colleagues were all thrown into the trademark Fady sound, moving deliberately with the fluctuations in the music and bass.

Fady Ferraye’s long-overdue homecoming party proved to be everything it was expected to be. The above-average interaction between the clubbers and Fady was testament to both Fady’s notoriously amazing reputation, and his down-to-earth bond with his fans and supporters.

Fady Ferraye’s December 6 set could safely be described as one of his best, for even though the music is hypnotic, the combination of tracks and fluidity of the set are determined by the night’s mood and atmosphere, and last night had an exceptionally feel-good mood and a truly electrified atmosphere.

All in all, the one thing the clubbers wanted more of, was more than one night a month with Fady Ferraye… But that is reason enough to make sure you book one night every 30 days to experience the legendary master of progressive house at his old house, B 018.