Fashion Frenzy on the Dance Floor with F Club

FTV Arabia and F Factory celebrate fashion in a unique and attractive way. Maison Blanche turned into a catwalk frenzy for local emerging talents. This week was the launch of a unique event called F Club, where by each week a new set of designers get to trot their designs in front of people in an artistic manner. Fun and fashion has never been so exciting.

BNL talks to the people behind the new fashion concept that’s  going to swarm the city!

Tell is about F Club, what is this project about?

It’s a new concept, first in the country, a Fashion Club that will take place every Friday night at Maison Blanche. It will encompass designers’ fashion shows, fashion concepts, F models, F music and anything that falls under the Fashion or FTV umbrella. The project is in collaboration with FTV Arabia and F Factory. It will be a night full of entertainment and glamorous shows that would turn into a party club once the shows are over. The PR database we are focusing on are all the talented designers, be it young or high end, entrepreneurs, media people and AA+society!

Who’s F Factory?

F Factory is the exclusive planning event company for FTV Arabia.  All FTV Arabia events are organized and managed by F Factory.

Tell us about the initiative behind it?

Maison Blanche is one of F Factory’s partners in the nightlife scene.  We decided to come up with something extraordinary to promote clubbing in Maison Blanche on another level, create an awareness about the talent in the Middle East: Fashion new young designers who we are keen on associating ourselves to and  to combine the best both worlds : Fashion and fun in one creative concept: F Club!

What happens during the evening of the event?

We can not divulge much information, we are keeping it as a surprise, I prefer if you come and see for yourself.  What I can tell you is that this Friday there will be in the beginning a fashion theatrical show for 5 designers/boutiques.

How will the designers benefit from this?

Exposure in Maison Blanche, which is one of the most prestigious clubs in Beirut and of course exposure on FTV Arabia which is the gate away for top notch designers from all over the world.

How do you choose your designers?

We have a wide database of designers, they approach us from all over and we select based on quality, PR connections, talent, creativity and uniqueness!

Are they different each week?


This Weeks Designers:

Kulte by Christelle Fourzali

Birdcage by Lama and Mariana Jammal

Designs by Tala Tala Habbal

Royal Threads by Nora Habbal

L’Atelier Nawbar by Tania and Dima Nawbar