Errrrrbody in the Club Gettin’ Tipsy With J Kwon


LIFE is awesome, and what could be better? A newer, upgraded version of it perhaps? Well what do you know, LIFE 2.0 is here! The upgraded and revamped indoor edition of LIFE is all the rage this year, and they’re starting a big new RnB night… “It’s NOT Just an RNB Night”. To kick off the theme night, this past weekend famous American rapper  J-Kwon took the stage at LIFE to perform for an eager crowd. The platinum selling RnB artist is most famous for his hit single “Tipsy”, in which he sings, “Everybody in the club getting tipsy”… definitely one of the most accurate phrases in RnB history. A full house of familiar faces enjoyed the performance, as well as music by fantastic resident DJs Jack Sleiman and Dania. To make sure the theme night started off with a real bang, there were fireworks, visible through the roof  that opens up. LIFE 2.0 totally rocks!