El Rancho Welcomes You to The Wild Wild West

International Fairs & Promotions (IFP) generously invited all exhibitors who participated in the Out Door Lebanon convention to experience everything El Rancho has to offer. Upon arriving guests were greeted by adorable cowgirls and rough cowboys. Caravan rides were available all night, taking guests on a tour to discover El Rancho. The El Rancho experience makes you feel like you have left Lebanon, being transported to the wild wild west!

World champion gunslinger Johnny Hotshot blasted “bullets” into the air introducing Paul Neimeh to the crowd. Paul gave an entertaining presentation about El Rancho.  Following the presentation Paul turned the stage over to representatives who taught us that El Rancho is Bio Echo certified with the Bio Swiss company. The Bio Echo network has been created to assure biodegradable products are used at El Rancho, assisting the ecosystem in order to move Lebanon forward. Presenters discussed “project recycle”, demonstrating ways to recycle in order to be part of a solution. The rest of the world has been recycling for over a decade. It is nice to have programs like this to open the eyes of Lebanese citizens in order to help our beautiful country.

After guests enjoyed countless rounds of drinks and indulged in a buffet full of delicious western cuisine, gunslinger Johnny Hotshot returned to the stage. He performed his slinging show and gave a presentation regarding the “Cedar Stampede”.  This event was the FIRST EVER rodeo in the Middle East. Last year the 5 nights of competition were so successful that this year El Rancho will return to host 6 nights of competition along with 10 nights of events. 11 countries around the world along with 20,000 spectators are expected to attend the event this year. Citizens of Lebanon are welcome to join in the competitions. El Rancho is offering rodeo training to men and women in Lebanon who are interested in learning to be a true cowgirl or cowboy. BNL will see you all at the El Rancho rodeo!

For more information about this wild west world visit: www.elrancholebanon.com