DRM- Hamra’s Raw Gem!

A few weeks back we leaked a story about a new place in Hamra – Democratic Republic of Music (DRM). Well, Hamra’s new music and entertainment treasure is out of the box. Opening night was outstanding, gathering a huge crowd of music lovers, friends and curious people who happened to be in the Hamra neighborhood and wanted to see what was happening in this new place.

You walk into a raw multilevel space with concrete flooring, steel beams and exposed piping and ventilation ducts, you go down the stairs into a large hall to the stage area where one can’t but admire the venue’s grandeur that’s rough yet sophisticated . This new concept of concert hall focuses on talent, exposing the real meaning of music. Live performances by local bands enchanted the crowd – really an authentic experience that we expect will revolutionize the way we experience live music in Lebanon.

Forward Music, the label that has been dreaming up DRM since 2006, was keen on having a concert hall where people can experience high quality concerts in a laid back atmosphere. “We needed to have a place where all the production elements are precise and measured and capable of delivering the highest standards in audio delivery and lighting. While constructing the place we paid a lot of attention to the acoustics of the venue. We built a box in a box with special materials so that the sound is crystal clear with minimum reverberation.”

Check out DRM’s website at www.drmlebanon.com for the full schedule of events taking place in the coming months and make sure to book your places early.