Donner Sang Compter: Party for our Bloody Cause!


On Friday October 29th, Donner Sang Compter celebrated one of Beirut’s most memorable and meaningful Halloween nights at Chocolate Club.

Donner Sang Compter is a pioneering NGO that was founded in the hopes that one day no one in Lebanon will die waiting for direly needed blood. The organization links willing donors to patients in need, with a steadily growing database of thousands of donors from across Lebanon and thousands of lives already saved.

The lineup included DJ Tony on the warmup, DJ Ramz with the blistering RnB classics we all love and the hits we all want to hear. Of course, no party would be complete without some electronic magic, which Noir Mecanique’s Mak made sure was delivered to the several hundred clubbers enjoyed the night for a cause.

The incredible lineup of DJs and the theme-based costumes created a wonderful atmosphere, with every table choosing a certain type of costume (doctors’ table, 300 table, etc.) Spotted costumes included a sexy grieving widow, a sad joker, a SWAT team member, several Bob Marleys and a handful of gangstas!

One attendee had a particularly interesting costume. It was Michel Kasrouny, who within a mere 65 days leading up to the party, lost some 20 kilograms and toned his body to look like the Spartan King Leonidas. It worked marvelously! The clubbers all got to meet, greet and congratulate the perseverant and determined Michel, who has chronicled his progress on his blog:

The nonstop dancing though heated up the venue, fortunately for the clubbers, massive CO2 pumps chilled the crowd and kept them fit to dance for hours to come.

The party was of course a fundraiser for the DSC organization, which relies on such events and donations, in addition to of course the generosity of its donors and volunteers to continue with its tremendous mission. The Halloween night by DSC was indeed a party for a “Bloody Cause” and apart from satisfying everyone’s need to club, party and have fun, everyone present help participate in saving hundreds of lives to come!