Doing Some Crazy With Dimix at Brut

Dimix is proving to be one of Lebanon’s most formidable Urban music talents, and never has that been clearer than on Saturday January 15 at Brut Monot.

Brut is Beirut’s favorite RnB location, with the club always pinning the attention the genre deserves, most notably with its 12-month-running LoveDough series.

Dimix’s taste and and style and impressive mixing talents has seen him land a residency on NRJ’s infamous Mastermix lineup. His string of surprisingly successful events the past year has gained him acclaim from RnB connoisseurs, culminating itself in his solo concept event “Let’s Do Some Crazy” on Saturday.

The club was packed with grinders and shifters to the music, which was indeed a di-mix of the freshest new tracks and an amalgam of the classics that made RnB what it is today. The HipHop scene in Lebanon is rising, and Dimix is definitely one of its main propellers.

Champagne, shots and plenty of smiles accompanied the crowd “doing some crazy” with more events and theme nights planned with the mighty Dimix on the decks.