DJ MaDJam Pumps Up the Fun at Rikky’z

On 1740m altitude in the heart of the mountain sits Rikky’z, the biggest log house in the Middle East. Located in Faqra Kfardebian, 45 minutes away from Beirut Rikky’z is the perfect get-a-way spot for party goers in Beirut looking to enjoy a change of atmosphere, while still keeping the party going. This past week maDJam, a DJ everyone in Beirut knows, headed up to Rikky’z to spin for a packed house at Rikky’z. The weather was perfect for a daytime all you can eat BBQ and guests got into the theme, sporting the straw cowboy hats compliments of Rikky’z.

All had a blast, to say the least. MaDJam pumped the guests way up to enjoy a full day of food, drinks and dancing.