DJ Freestyle Steve Tears It Up at Pier 7

We all know who Timbaland is, but this week Pier 7 introduced to us the upbeat crowd loving DJ who backs Timbaland everywhere he goes. DJ Freestyle Steve! It was a pleasure to have a DJ who has worked with big name acts, such as Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Madonna, spin in Lebanon.

Jack Sleiman AKA the Godfather opened up with his crowd-pleasing hip-hop and R&B flavor. DJ Mass followed Jack supplying electronic and house beats.  It was time for DJ Freestyle Steve to show the crowd what he is all about. The performer arose from underground in Pier 7’s new LED covered professional DJ booth. The circular deck fit the stage like a glove providing a comfortable home for class “A” performers.

DJ Freestyle Steve spoke to the audience, literally and figuratively. He invited a lucky guest up onto the stage to personally wish her a happy birthday. The DJ from Florida exclaimed “I’m in Beirut!!” showing that he really felt a great vibe from the people of Beirut.

Pier 7, a club who caters to its guests, provided free bottles of champagne to club goers as well as distributed confetti tubes which guests fired off at once creating a wonderful and colorful memory. Thanks Pier 7!