DJ Bliss Along with DJ Jack Sleiman and Mass Raised the Palais Roof

The Crystal Group is known for brining in amazing artists from all over the world, this year is no exception. Palais started the year with a bang, welcoming hot international artist Mann to perform, and now recently bringing in the powerful DJ Bliss, from Dubai. DJ Bliss pumped up the house with a full bumpin’ DJ set. DJ Jack Sleiman supported Bliss in every way. Jack Sleiman is everywhere these days! The Hip-Hop master lays down the hottest tracks all over Lebanon. We all enjoyed welcoming him back to Lebanon, by visiting Pier 7 all summer long. This winter he is back with the Crystal Group spinning as a resident DJ at everyone favorite winter club, Palias! DJ Mass another Pier 7 entertainer, who is showing off his skills at Palias, supported Bliss with his mixed set. As per usual Palais was packed full of beautiful Beirut Night Lifers getting their, drink, dance and party on. Guests posed for BNL cameras showing off their stylish clothes and smiling faces. Always great to hear Hip-Hop in the clubs, keep it up guys!