“Ditzy Girl” Rosette “Crushed” Pier 7

On August 19th “Ditzy Girl” Rosette traveled a long way to perform for the club goers of Pier 7. The Canadian singer, songwriter and dancer specializes in Pop, R&B and House music. Rosette’s hits including “Crushed” and “UhOh” reached high ranks on Canadian Radio Charts, including number one on the CanCon Single on the Top 40 Charts. Rosette has worked with distinguished acts such as Rihanna, Akon and Timbaland and now can say she has performed live for the beautiful club goers of Beirut Lebanon. Which I am sure she will boast about for a long time coming, as she herself stated how much she loved Beirut and the Pier 7 venue.

Club goers enjoyed a retro style dance routine by Pier 7 performers. The choreography and effort put forth for these performances are extraordinary to say the least. Resident DJ’s backed Rosette supplying the crowd with a new set of music for clubbers to enjoy. That is another thing to add to my list of “Things I love about Pier 7”, they keep their music fresh by changing it up on the regular. BNL had another blast night seaside!