Congratulations Nabil Halwani,’s Reader of the Month!

Ladies and gentleman I introduce to you’s BNLer of the Month, for the month of May! is honored to have many fans and followers and we appreciate them all. To show our appreciation we recognize a reader of the month every month. This month (May) BNL would like to recognize Nabil Halwani!

Nabil Halwani is an avid reader of, He informed us that for him, “BNL is not just a website/magazine it is a lifestyle”. This is exactly why I chose Nabil as BNLer of the Month, he lives…The Only Way It Should be.

Nabil Halwani says, “BNL advises me where to eat, what to dress like, where to go clubbing and so much more. Plus all of those very interesting articles I read, they really make all other news magazines irrelevant and obsolete.

I asked Nabil a few questions to learn more about our BNLer of the Month, here is what he had to say…

What are you favorite nightlife spots in Lebanon?

My favorite nightlife spots in Lebanon are Antidote (gemmayzeh) and Whisky Mist

Which radio stations in Lebanon do you listen to?

I mostly listen to Radio One (been a big fan since I can remember. I am a loyal fan so don’t switch unless something major happens.)

What are your top 3 sections to keep up with on BNL?

If I had to pick three they would be; Music, Lifestyle (Fashion), Events/Photo Gallery.

How do you describe a perfect evening out?

For me a perfect evening out is a typical Lebanese night out; a drink at a pub (mainly gemmayzeh), some soft music, good company, good cocktails and some food at the end of the night. As we all know we Lebanese love our after midnight food no matter what it is . . . so for me it doesn’t matter where as long as it contains a high amount of saturated fat 😛

What do you tell your friends about BNL? is a must! It’s like morning coffee, a ritual. From dusk till dawn BNL keeps you updated with the must know and must see events and information about literally everything. Whether you are an outsider or a pure local, you must keep up with BNL to know how, who and what’s new. BNL Kicks ASS!

So there you have it, words from a true night-lifer in Lebanon. Thanks again Nabil Halwani and congratulations on being the BNLer of the Month, for May.


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