Congratulations to Luna Merdas: March BNL Reader of the Month!!

Ladies and gentleman I introduce to you’s BNLer of the Month, for the month of March! is honored to have many fans and followers and we appreciate them all. To show our appreciation we recognize a reader of the month every month! This month (March) BNL would like to recognize Luna Merdas!


Here’s why we chose Luna… has learned that, according to Luna’s friends and family she is the ultimate party person! Luna never cares what day of the week it is, what the weather conditions are, what everyone else is doing she goes out and hits the town, like a true BNLer would!

Luna tells, “Everybody thinks that I am allergic to staying at home!!” she adds, “ is the best site for people like me. I check BNL everyday and usually several times a day, thanks to I am always updated on everything happening here in Lebanon and around me! is happy to help out fellow night-lifers and we appreciate them. Thank you Luna for your story and for being an avid reader.


Who will be next months BNLer of the month? Will it be you?

Be sure to send your stories to to enter to be a BNLer of the month.