Congratulations to Joanna Bou Daher: February BNL Reader of the Month!!

Ladies and gentleman I introduce to you’s first ever BNLer of the Month. is honored to have many fans and followers and we appreciate them all. To show our appreciation we will be recognizing a reader of the month every month! This month (February) BNL would like to recognize Joanna Bou Daher!

Joanna Bou Daher is an avid reader of, she always recommends BNL to her friends, and let’s everyone know that is the place to go for all nightlife, events, music, news and more! She browses through each section on a daily basis. I want to introduce you all to nightlife lover Joanna Bou Daher. I asked Joanna a few questions to learn more about our BNLer of the month, here is what she had to say…

What are you favorite nightlife spots in Lebanon?

My favorite locations to hang out at in Lebanon are Gemmayzeh, Hamra, B018 and what was the Basement.

Which radio stations in Lebanon do you listen to?

My favorite radio stations here are NRJ Lebanon 99.1, Mix FM and Radio One.

What are your top 3 sections to keep up with on

I love photos a lot! So mainly when I log in the first thing I check is “the gallery” section…did I mention BNL photographers are freaking awesome!? Second I check the events calendar, obviously because I like to go out a lot. I like to keep track on what’s going on around town. Thank you for that. This is why I love BNL, you post everything from Electro-Techno to Rock because of that I know I’m not missing out on anything. Finally I like the, Lifestyle section. I like that you guys don’t post only about nightlife you mention other stuff such as cars and movies etc. This has made the website more interesting to check.

How would you describe a perfect evening out?

The perfect evening out would go like this…Gemmayzeh to warm up (lol), then straight to Hamra and later on B018. There’s always someone special at B018. But nowadays there’s a lot of nightclubs around, so I haven’t been sticking to only B018, each night out I can try some place new.

What do you tell your friends about

Well half of my friends claim that I’m kind of hooked on the website. When we want go out they ask me where is the best place to hang out, I reply with something like ”check BNL, there’s always something there”. So as a start, ‘number 1 nightlife site is definitely yours to be’ so basically that’s what my respond to friends regarding your website and magazine. I also always recommend the website’s articles on my FB page or twitter by re tweeting it.

So there you have it! Words from a true night lifer in Lebanon. Thanks again Joanna Bou Daher and congratulations on being February’s BNLer of the Month!

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