Nightlife Undercover: Couples Vs. Clubbing

Greetings BNLer’s, allow me to introduce myself. I am the nightlife editor for On a weekly basis I attend awesome clubs/events and attempt to bring them to life for you all to enjoy, but alas I have been keeping something from you…the ugly side of nightlife. Lebanon’s nightlife encompasses many dirty little secrets, taboos and some might say an ugly side. Starting today I am going to expose these pesky issues in a monthly column entitled Nightlife Undercover…enjoy!

Clubbing ruined my relationship…Well, not mine personally but I have heard that, or some kind of variation of that, many times before. So riddle me this Batman, was it clubbing that ruined my friend’s relationships or was it their own insecurities? I had to dig a little deeper…

First let’s dissect different kind of relationships you see in clubs (these are just a few examples from a long list of others).

A. The married couple attempting to live it up like the old days.
B. The fresh new couple that is under the impression the club is their bedroom.
C. The over confident couple who you can’t even tell are together.

Although all very different they are all doomed, if they go out clubbing on the regular basis of course…

A. The married couple attempting to live it up like the old days, we see them out all of the time. The man usually doused in way too much cologne, holding a glass of whisky, that he pretty much baby sits all night because his doctor says to watch his alcohol intake especially while smoking a cigar…you know the one he must have to indicate he has money (and lots of it). His beautiful wife of 15+ years is wearing a dress that you would see on someone who is 15+ years, wearing a years supply of make up and grasping tightly her must have Louis Vuitton bag, the one that indicates she has money (and lots of it). Ok, all jokes aside, I don’t think it is wrong to club when you are married on the contrary I praise couples who are married and enjoy a night out together. There is nothing that says love more than enjoying time out with your husband or wife after 15+ years, cheers to couple A! I like them a hell of a lot more than couple…

B. The fresh new couple that is under the impression the club is their bedroom.

Get a grip! And get a room for that matter. Here’s the thing, guys I know to other guys you look like a player pimp who is macking down on some girl at a club but to all the other respectable girls in the club you look like a pig…not to mention you just ruined your shot with hooking up with any of them once your relationship, that is inevitably headed towards failure, ends. And to the girl who graciously showed me her bra while getting felt up by her beloved last week, you look nothing but cheap. I always see the same thing from this couple, when I enter the club they are swapping spit at the bar and when I leave the club they are in the corner fighting over why he looked at another girl, or why his friend knows what color bra she has…”lesh habbi, please mat oul hek, ana bhebak” isn’t going to save your relationship but being a nice classy couple that sneaks kisses here and there, a couple winks and casual hand holding will absolutely do the trick! But by all means don’t act like couple…

C. The over confident couple who you can’t even tell are together…I know it is good to be confident and to trust your lover but when you are at one table and your boyfriend is at another or even worse you don’t feel like going out so you let your significant other just go alone…hmmmm makes me wonder why you don’t wonder if someone else is hitting on him or her. Oh wait here’s a thought…you couldn’t care less. When your club time is more important than your significant other there is a problem and I suggest to breaking up now or forever hold your whatever the opposite of peace is.

Now that we dug into the types of couples let’s quickly touch on what drives said couples to fight or even worse break up because of clubbing

1. Alcohol induced banter: When drinking the ugly inside makes its way up and comes out of your mouth in the form of words. A guy knows not to look at another girl when sober but a nice young gentleman with 5 vodka Red Bull’s in his tummy will most certainly let out a “ya wayleeeee chou taybeee” when a sexy girl walks by. On the other hand your girlfriend loves you but after 4 martinis this might slip “daklak leh behebak la illak iza Joe 3endo ajdad Porshe b Libnan?

2. Dressed to impress: Even if you are in a relationship you will get decked out to the 9’s when going out clubbing. Not only will your significant other notice but also so will everyone of the opposite sex. Just because you can’t look doesn’t mean they can’t. That bothers boyfriends/girlfriends, which will create tension, making way for a fight.

3. Agree at home, disagree at a club: When you are spending evenings together at home it’s just the two of you, love is in the air and both sides are calm, cool and relaxed. When at a club there are other people making room for discussions, opinions, arguments etc. Even something as simple as one person wants to leave and the other wants to stay may cause a huge conflict.

4. I wanna dance with somebody: Girls like to dance…period. Guys on the other hand normally don’t. In conclusion, at a club a girl will get up and dance but the guy won’t. This means that other people just might come by and dance with your girlfriend…uh oh, here comes another spat. “chou bikkeh wli, mein haydah l khara”, “tab chou ba3mellak iza inta ma baddak tor2ous…stofil!

5. In this animal kingdom you are the prey: This is probably the most important factor of why clubbing can ruin a relationship. People simply do not like to see others happy. Happy couples to unhappy singles look like a baby gazelle to a full-grown cheetah. Single men will eye F*** the S*** out of your girlfriend and single women will pucker their over inflated lips at your beloved boyfriend. People, even friends, will poke fun at your relationship making you feel like you are doing something wrong by being happy together…so you have to think are the nights out worth it?

Conclusion: Will clubbing ruin your relationship? It can if you let your own insecurities take over. All couples need to remember they gave up single life for a reason. In my relationship I think about us as “two against the world”. If people ignore the negatives around them and work hard to defeat them there is no reason why a happy couple can’t enjoy a night of clubbing just like anyone else. Anything done in the extreme is said to be too much, thus it’s not a good idea to over indulge in your relationship in public but also not a good idea to pretend like your relationship is non-existent. Most importantly don’t ignore negative signs, stop them before they end your relationship and most of all have a blast clubbing and enjoying nights out together!!

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