Clear your calendar, BRICK’S is back!


Located in the heart of Hamra, BRICK’S officially launches its modern revamped look with a friendly media get-together.

Beirut’s top online and print figures enjoyed a night of unique cocktails and amazing tunes. Guests were served a variety of new items that are now available on the menu, from loaded nachos and pan-seared halloumi slices to ground beef filet.

Not to let go of the classics, the famous Beer & Wings night still takes place every Tuesday night with a formula of beers and buffalo wings a gogo for $25 only. The mouthwatering BRICK’S Burger Bun is a must-try.

With a large outdoor terrace, wireless Internet, and a wide selection of soundtracks, Brick’s is that feel-good place in Hamra that really makes you feel like home.