Chillin’ in Jounieh on the Weekend


Jounieh is fast becoming one of the most vibrant nightlife districts in the country, with tons of restaurants, bars and pubs opening up over the years in the historic quarters of the dynamic town just north of Beirut. Last weekend the street was completely full, with bars overflowing with friendly faces and good vibes. toured many of the pubs on the street including Agogo, Tonic, Hooligans, Q’Ba and others, and saw that it was buzzing with people who were chilling, sipping on delicious cocktails, having yummy bites, listening to great music, enjoying the fantastic company and making new friends. 

Now that spring is upon us and summer is just around the corner, the nightlife in the cool, hip and happening Jounieh district will be booming more than ever, with all the pleasant and cozy pubs, classy lounges, and new venues springing up. If you’re looking for a good spot to chill, we highly recommend this destination for a weekday or a weekend!