Children Fighting Cancer Given a CHANCE at SkyBar

Chance (Children Against Cancer) is one of Lebanon’s largest NGOs. Their fundraiser on Monday Augusth 16th at Sky Bar was testament to that title. Thousands of supporters, friends, and cancer survivors and their families showed up to the star-studded event.

In fact, so many people showed up that Sky Bar was over-capacity by midnight, and dozens of ticket holders waited (some patiently, others not so much) till access was granted again around 1:30AM.

Up above though, the event went as planned, with MTV’s Rolla Safa presenting the diverse and impressive lineup of musical performances, fashion show and inspirational speeches and testimonies.

The night’s guest of honor, Maxime Chaya, who has conquered Mount Everest and gone to both Poles of the Earth, was the perfect example of relentless struggling, indomitable perseverance, and unshakable faith against all odds and obstacles. A path every cancer survivor and their families have to tread.

Philippe the magician dazzled the crowd with his magic show, kicking off the festive night. Then, Teddy Nasr, winner of the 2010 Murex Award for “Best Music Composer” was joined by Corinne Metni to perform a captivating opera musical duo.

The delightful family of cancer survivor Melody, joined the child sensation in an emotional performance, highlighting the importance of friends and family in helping patients overcome the disease, and start life anew.

Then, the woman behind it all, President and Founder of CHANCE Dr. Roula Farah-Sayad gave the welcome speech, highlighting the astronomically high rates of success in curing child cancer, with rates being almost 70% for most cancer, and more the 90% for some types of leukemia. After a brief recap of CHANCE’s many successes and bump-free ride over the years through the help of donors and volunteers, Dr Farah thanked everyone for their past, present, and future support and contributions.

Then, the highlight of the charitable evening unfolded, with teenagers who had beaten cancer walking down the catwalk, hand-in-hand with their heroes, such as producer/comedian George Khabbaz and several other local celebrities and personalities. Esmod’s Ghada Kazan designed the clothes showcased by the beaming teens, who were an inspiration to everyone present.

Habibi Alberto signed off with his breathtaking violin performance, ending the artistic segment of the night’s performances.

Then, before Jojo hit the decks, the Raffle Prizes were distributed. And in a remarkable move, the winner of the $3000 Chronora voucher, donated to CHANCE to put it up for auction on the spot, and it fetched a $1400 dollar offer, and was yet again given back to CHANCE.

All in all, it was a magnificent night of celebrating life and supporting the fight to preserve it and its quality for children all across Lebanon. With such a noble cause comes even greater support, and we hope next year everyone will get a chance to participate in the event flawlessly.