Caprice Indoor Opens!

Summer memories at Caprice are now going indoors for the winter! Caprice Indoor opened its doors to adoring and awaiting fans of the former summertime venue, just in time for the holidays. The beautiful lounge-bar just outside Beirut in Jal El Dib is decorated tastefully with intricate wall designs, simple wood, wire caging, and colorful vintage-inspired fabrics, and has a large bar area as well as high tables and cozy couches. It’s comforting to know our favorite spot is now open again in this great-looking venue for delicious meals, a chill night of yummy drinks, or as the winter pre-clubbing destination! On the opening night DJ (H) was playing some great musical hits all night for the crowd, and the atmosphere was laid back, cheerful and delightful. The guests got free shots and the place was full by magical midnight and everyone chilled the night away!