BNL Visits MYU Restaurant and Bar in Gemmayze

Chic, sophisticated, stylish, fun, trendy, wild, and MYU! MYU located in the nightlife disctrit Gemmayze is a place where I completely fit in and gives me a sense of being at home. The restaurant/bar makes me feel as if I am in the hippest place in Hollywood. The spot hidden in a dark corner of the strip is always packed and happening. Word of mouth has definitely played a part in the success of MYU. After my first visit I found myself mentioning MYU to countless amounts of colleagues and friends. In regards to music MYU DJ’s play an array of genres that include but are not limited to indie, classic rock, commercial, hip-hop, alternative and more. Similar to its diversity in music MYU guests also seemed to be diversified. French speakers, Spanish Speakers, Lebanese and American’s all mesh perfectly in one place.

The architecture is exquisite. MYU owner Joe Mourani explains the concept behind the design, “the idea was to have two spaces, one being the restaurant the other the bear. Two tunnels separate the two while still together in one area.”

The two arched domes are covered with translucent black textile that perfectly separates the spaces while giving guests the ability to see through to the other side and also to the walls and ceilings that remain as the old factory it used to be. The restaurant/bar is separated from the outside by large glass walls making it easy for pedestrians to connect with the action inside.

MYU offers a classic Mediterranean menu with a dash of French flavor along with a full bar of deliciously mixed cocktails. No reservations are needed to enjoy MYU therefore I suggest you visit if you haven’t already.

Fun fact about MYU: Where did the name come from? Joe Mourani tells BNL “My last name is Mourani and my friends used to shorten it and nick name me Myu due to how it sounds.” I must say the name suites the place well!