BNL Continues Touring the Gemmayze District

BNL just can’t get enough of Gemmayze. There are countless amounts of rad pubs to choose from. Our crew recently stopped into Fame, Gardel, Spoon, Scoop, Sepia and the Venue to snap some photos while hanging with the in crowds. Gemmayze is definitely perfect for the coming seasons. Spend winter nights in quaint and cozy pubs warming up to mixed cocktails and great music.

Fame is a resto-club that serves Fusion cuisine and is perfect for hanging out with friendly pub lovers.

El Gardel as I mentioned in my last Gemmayze article (link) is a beautiful and exciting Argentinian style bar that hosts Salsa dancing, French and DJ nights. Upstairs you can find El Gardel’s sophisticated and delicious steak house with an authentic Argentinian chef. Do check out El Gardel.

Spoon is an upbeat American style bar that also serves a full menu including their house specialty, juicy burgers! A full bar ready for any exotic drink you order.

Scoop not to be confused with Spoon is a classy yet chic pub and restaurant. Scoop serves fine delicacies and cocktails. Scoop is a bit more relaxing then other pubs on the Gemmayze strip.

Sepia on the famous stairway of steps, better wise known as Daraj El Fann in Gemmayze, gives you a sense of being in an old town in Lebanon while mixing all the cool aspects of today. Sepia doubles as a restaurant serving international cuisine. Sepia often hosts events and gets a bit wilder then chill pubs on the strip therefore I would say Sepia triples as a hot nightlife spot.

Venue is larger then most pubs in the district so I consider it more to be a club or nightlife bar. The architecture keep the old Lebanon vibe but art on the walls lighting and bar gives it a new club appeal. Comfy couches are found inside which makes the Venue a great place for a large group of friends who can’t necessarily have a great time in a tiny pub.

See you at Gemmayze BNLer’s!