BNL Bids a Fond Farewell to “The Roof” and Enjoys Dinner at “The Grill”

“The Roof”
at the Four Seasons…what can I say that hasn’t already been said by every happy guest who visits the rooftop hotspot. “The Roof” events are coordinated and executed perfectly with style and grace. This time around the Four Seasons crew invited friends, loyal visitors and colleagues to “The Roof” closing event. As we say good-bye for the winter season the Four Seasons welcomes guests to enjoy another venue the hotel has to offer in regards to dining, drinking and entertainment.

Guests arrived dressed to perfection. I also can’t help but mention the immaculately dressed Maya Diab who was also present enjoying “The Roof” along with all invitees. Guests enjoyed table service cocktails with Asian inspired dishes. DJ TRIX supplied an incredible set of rock and funk inspired lounge remixes. The vibe was social yet tranquil. Beautiful hostesses made rounds throughout the evening assuring all guests champagne glasses were filled to the brim. Rose pedal topped mojitos were also circulated adding art to drinking. Once the clock struck 10:00pm “The Roof” announced its official closing of “The Roof” for the winter season. Invitees gathered to bid the fondest farewell to the rooftop and welcome with a big hello the bar/lounge located downstairs. Doors opened to our new winter hangout spot at the Four Seasons. Guests headed downstairs to enjoy “The Grill”. 

Downstairs was a completely different vibe which might I add was completely amazing! Chapaux bas to the interior decorator who designed a spacious, classy, arabesque lounge room. Indoor as well as outdoor were open which allowed a number of guests to come in and enjoy the evening. Hostess took us into the world of the Four Seasons kitchen for an exclusive preview and look into the impeccable kitchen. We enjoyed viewing A Class dishes such as fresh tuna w/avocado, Carpaccio, and deliciously marinated steak, being prepared by main chefs at “The Grill”, Sotiris Katirtsigianoglou and Giancarlo Gottardo. After tasting a little of each dish I visited the numerous tables set up full of sweets!

JADE supplied his untouchable lounge set with a jazz/soul vibe, and was generously passing out his latest mixed compilation entitled “Poolness”. Friends socialized, familiar faces greeted each other and everyone in the house was completely satisfied. When departing from the Four Seasons all guests were given gift boxes that included delicious desserts, a CD complete with amazing lounge music and a certificate to a complementary dinner for four at “The Grill” restaurant Four Seasons. Icing on the cake of a spectacular evening!