Bite your Lips At LIFE

On Wednesday we were all waiting to happily celebrate Lebanon’s independence the following day, but every wild child in Beirut was biting their lips, anticipating the night before Independence Day! And for good reason… it was time to kiss the midweek stress goodbye and head to a special kind of party. Life Indoors welcomed the crowds  for “Bite Your Lips”, an open-bar event organized by B21 Management (the same guys who brought us Afterlife) and the Lebanese Student Front of LAU.

The drinks were overflowing and the beats were rocking as DIMIX and Life’s resident DJs were on the decks giving all the feet in the house something to dance to! Sexy dancers took to the bar to dance up a storm for a couple of crazy performances. The partygoers celebrated Independence Day a little earlier and a little wilder than most, but that’s just Life for you!